The Continuing Excellence Projects


Russell Regional Hospital has launched a major program designed to provide additional space on the medical campus.  That space will allow for new or expanded services in four areas of the hospital:

  • Physicians Clinic
  • Physical and Occupational Therapy
  • Specialty Clinic
  • Minor Surgical Procedures

The "Continuing Excellence" Projects are the result of extensive analysis and strategic planning.  Funding for the project is being offset by proceeds from the Campaign for Continuing Excellence.  No operating funds or hospital revenue will be used to cover the costs of the project.


The campaign was launched late last year and relies on a large number of volunteers who are active throughout the Hospital's entire service area.

Construction of New Physicians Clinic

Estimated total cost: $2,675,000


The clinic is currently being designed.  It will be north of the existing hospital and bordering on Jewell Street.  With more than 9,500 square feet of new clinic space and connected to the current Main Lobby by an all-weather corridor, it will accommodate both the existing medical staff and provide the space necessary to recruit additional providers.


The design of the clinic will:

  • expand and maximize use of space;
  • improve efficiency in operation;
  • improve access to services; and
  • meet federally-mandated compliance for ADA (access) and HIPAA (privacy) regulations.

Expansion of Physical and Occupational Therapy

Estimated total cost: $250,000


Physical Therapy is one of the busiest departments within Russell Regional Hospital.  The existing department does not have space for significant expansion of services or increased numbers of patients.  Currently many of the therapy regimens (and particularly Intermediate Fitness) are being moved around the building to take advantage of any extra space that might become available.


The planned 1,100 square foot expansion will extend the existing department to the west along what is now an exterior wall.  Additional space will allow for intermediate fitness, physical and occupational therapy regimens in the core of the department, benefiting patients and staff alike.

Renovation of the Existing Clinic to Accommodate an On-Campus Specialists Clinic

Estimated total cost: $25,000


With our medical staff relocated to the new clinic, the existing clinic will undergo limited renovation to accommodate the Specialty Clinic services currently located in the former Surgery area on second floor and the Specialists Clinic, which is now located off-campus.


Currently, patients seeing Specialists often find themselves having to return to their vehicles to travel to RRH for lab work, radiology or other services and treatments.


This element of the Continuing Excellence Project is important as it will assist us in retaining the existing Specialists and expanding to include specialties that are not currently available in Russell.

Establishing Minor Surgical Procedures

Estimated total cost: $500,000


Russell Regional Hospital will soon be in a position to launch a Minor Surgical Procedures program by re-establishing the former surgical suites.  "Minor Procedures" are those invasive procedures that can be done without the administration of general anesthesia.


Such services would include, but are not limited to, Colonoscopy, Endoscopy, cyst and lump removals, in addition to surgical procedures on the eye.


The cost associated with this component include minor alterations to meet current surgical standards, adding necessary lighting and specialized fixtures, furnishings, equipment and instruments.

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